Digidesign Pro Tools HD2 with Accel card (PCIe)
96 I/O and 96i I/Os for
24 Channels in simultaneously at 96 khz 24 bit w/o latency
G5 1.25ghz quad w/ 4 gigs of RAM with a 23 inch flat screen
Meyer Soundlabs HD-1 monitors, subwoofer

Super clean power transformer for entire studio. Furman Pro AR-20 II

Pre Amps:
4 Channels of Focusrite ISA 428 Neve designed solid state,
clean & transparent
24 Channels Allen and Heath, very clean and musical


1 Peluso 251 (remake of Telefunken classic)
2 Neumann KM 184s (stereo matched)
2 TLM 103s
2 Earthworks drum overheads
AKG 414, AKG kick
3 Seinheiser 421s
Assorted standard SM57s, 58s
1 Seinheiser E609 for clean guitar amp micing
Access to many, many more...

We also have an assortment of amps (Fuchs, Fender), guitars (Fender, Anderson, Larrivee, Taylor, dobro, ukulele, Novax), blues piano and Nord Electro keyboard available.

Plug Ins - Waves Gold (C4, L1, L2, etc), L3 Ultramaximizer, Bombfactory, Antares, Sony Oxford EQ, Sony Inflator, Sony Trans Mod, et cetera.

Recording can be done with 8 separate channels for personal headphone mixes for each person (ajustable on the fly) with zero latency (Hearback Hearbus System).

The room is approx 19 x 25 feet (a converted 2 car garage). Isolation is handled in various ways depending on the project.



Bodydeep Music's
first official release
Seconds On End - California Sky


Bodydeep Music offers heavily discounted rates for on-label artists in exchange for shares of sales and distribution rights. Please email Nick Peters for more information.


• State-of-the-art digital recording
• Mixing
• Mastering
• CD Design and Reproduction
• Limited run CDR Printing

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