Bodydeep Studio in Redwood City, CA offers state-of-the-art professional digital recording, tracking, comping, editing, mixing, foley, mastering services, as well as consultation on album design, artwork layout, print house shortcuts, and limited run CDR printing.

Artists may elect to negotiate production services through Bodydeep at heavily disounted rates in exchange for shares of sales and distribution rights. Bodydeep basically tries to bridge the gap between large labels and home studios by offering artists the chance to create professional media without breaking the bank.

When an artists is "signed" Bodydeep takes a risk on the artist's desire for success by taking on some of the initial outlay, guaranteeing we want your project to be the absolute best it can be! It has worked, so far all clients have been word of mouth, part of the Bodydeep credo:

Infinite Connection.

We also have a wide catalog of connections for session drummers, bassists, keyboardists, guiatrists, vocalists, DJs, rappers, tabla players, sitar players, and electronica producers.



Bodydeep Music's
first official release
Seconds On End - California Sky


Bodydeep Music offers heavily discounted rates for on-label artists in exchange for shares of sales and distribution rights. Please email Nick Peters for more information.


• State-of-the-art digital recording
• Mixing
• Mastering
• CD Design and Reproduction
• Limited run CDR Printing

• Call (650) 520-0673