Owner and head engineer of Bodydeep Music, Nick Peters, has been producing albums using Digidesign's Pro Tools software since 1997. He has garnered a reputation as one of the Bay Area's fastest Pro Tools editors with a discerning ear for the details that can make the difference between a great performance and magic. Moreover, as a performing guitarist, singer, and songwriter he understands artists' needs.

From 2000 to 2006 he worked as head engineer/GM of Toothless Monkey Music, LLC in Portola Valley. When the Toothless studio and partners moved to Boulder, CO, he founded his own sister studio/label, Bodydeep.


Bodydeep Music's
first official release
Seconds On End - California Sky


Bodydeep Music offers heavily discounted rates for on-label artists in exchange for shares of sales and distribution rights. Please email Nick Peters for more information.


• State-of-the-art digital recording
• Mixing
• Mastering
• CD Design and Reproduction
• Limited run CDR Printing

• Call (650) 520-0673