November 11, 2014 - Announcing the release of The Left Hand Side II


This album is free for anyone who wants it, however, we are asking that if you have the means, please donate $5 or $10 (or whatever you can) to one of you favorite charities in honor of our effort. If you want a phsyical CD, please email Nick Peters with a receipt for $10 donated to any charitable cause and we'll send you a CD free of charge (limit 1). If you want mutiples, email Nick to discuss a fair arrangement.

Note - Info on the orginal The Left Hand Side I i still below.

Get The Left Hand Side II here, but please donate to charity, we're trusting you.

Charities that fans have donated to include: Coalition on Homelessness, SF, Second Harvest Food Bank, and St. Francis Center.



September 20, 2010 - The Left Hand Side - comments from producer/guitarist Nick Peters

In January 2009 me and my bandmate in Seconds On End, drummer Jae Hendrickson, set up a recording session with Five Eyed Hand bassist Jeb Taylor - our focus was on dubby style reggae/funk/world. The results were so tasty we quickly set up more dates and brought in keyboardist Ryan Vandenbroek from Bacon. The sessions usually consisted of a 3 hour dinner followed by only an hour to hour-and-a-half of actual recording. We then brought in some other session players to rond out the production. The result is a tasty album that explores grooves with a reggae sensibility from the awesome cover art to the final note, this album is a treasure and my favorite production to date.

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NOTE 25% of all sales go toward the Coalition on Homelessness San Francisco.

Pass it on.

Producer's notes on the songs:

Praying Mantis - Nick - I heard this syncopated riff in my head "doo dee doo, doo dee doo, doo dee doo" and tried to apply it in several projects but it never worked until this rendition. The voices and weird instruments are all midi guitar. Envision a praying mantis popping and locking to this tune.

Raddio - Jeb brought in a hand cranked radio and we threw up a mic to see what we'd get. Literally the first take he dials in an old band doing the same general riff and key as Praying Mantis, then switches to a big band doing a closing line, than finds a woman on NPR talking about the "opportunity to exploreall kinds of new thing"s. We looked at each other and were kind of blown away, true seerndipity. I dubbed out the woman's voice, but the whole sample is a live take of Jeb just turning the dial. It was so cool we called it "Rad-dio"

Constance - Nick - I wrote a song around 2001-2002 about a woman I knew who panhandled at the end of my old hideout (Rondel Alley) in SF. Her name was Constance. The lyrics are extremely sad (see below) but I've never had the vocal chops to pull it off (someday maybe). In 2009 I got a beutiful 335 guitar. It is not show-off guitar, just a great melody and I lterally tried to sing the lyrics through it. This song is the reason 25% of any revenues for this album (my producer share) goes toward the Coalition on Homelessness in San Francisco. As far as I was able to tell Constance succumbed to alcoholism and exposure in 2001 shortly after I moved to Potrero Hill.

Constance, lived at the alley-way
Livin' up to her name
You can see her, almost everyday
Sittin there just the same

People, they go walking by
Its like she ain't even around
Constance, she dont' meet your eye
She don't make a sound

Ain't gonna cry no more lord
She got that bottle, for to ease the pain
Ain't gonna cry no more lord
For she knows she's not to blame

You can send me, up the mountains babe
Exiled out on the cold plain
You can sell me, up the river babe
Still too damn close to her pain

Ain't gonna cry no more lord
She got that bottle, for to ease the pain
Ain't gonna cry no more lord
For she knows she's not to blame
Ain't gonna cry no more lord
For she died just yesterday

Afrique - Jeb brought in this great funk riff and we all just went to town. Elijah kills the baritone on this one and Jae and I had a blast figuring out subtle percussion. The ending squeak is the Toothless Monkey "buddha with laptop" squeeze toy.

Desert Sand - Originally recorded as "If Time Could Stop" in 1997 on Nick's 25th birthday at Blue Room Studios (long since gone) in SF with Tony Khalife. This melody line still hasn't been fully explored nor, have the lyrics been made public (yet). This version take it out of new age guitar territory and puts its squarely in new territory. Tony rips it up on tabla.

Gherkin - Gherkin is a tongue and cheek reference to Bay Area ska band Skankin' Pickle from the 90s. If you never saw them at the Edge or at a campus near here, well, too bad for you. Scott was pretty wiped when he recorded the sax track, but it still sits really, reallywell.

Ruderalis - Ruderalis is the Asian Steppe variety of everyone's favorite cash crop. I had a blast trying to keep the whah part perfectly divided in four on the guitar track live. I think the basic tracks were recorded immediately after some crazy gourmet meal where we were all a little stuffed. I coudn't get high enough quality violin pizzacato for certain lines, so I used a muted ukulele instead.

Not Even... - This was the first track we ever recorded and we were "not even warmed up" yet. Jae supplied the awesome syncopated keyboard line using a Nord through a Fender amp. He thought he was doing a scratch track. Jeb and I insisted we keep it as the energy is just perfect. Scott tears up the sax on this one and I got a chance to get a little Scientist on with dubbing this sucker out.

Heartbeat - I was ready to scrap this track when session man Elijah Samuels arrived with his baritone sax. We threw down some harmonic backbeats and saved it. As they say, have bari will travel.

Latin Schwirl - Jeb wanted to freak out a latin-esque tweener rhythm track. Named in honor of Fritz Frizbee of Connecticut Yankee SF fame, or rather the state of his (and most peoples' minds) when hanging out at the Yankee (or listening to Jeb's band Five Eyed Hand for that matter)

Che Seville - Ryan brought us this sweet melody and said he wanted to do it on melodica. How he managed the sustain is a producers secret (wink wink). Great textures and timbres throughout from Ryan.

Left Hand Side - our tribute to the classic "Pass the Kutichie" by the Mighty Diamonds. The musical youth version wasn't bad either. I used an octavia-type effect and artificial harmonics to try and get my guitar to sound like a steel drum.

Hats Off (to Ali Farka Toure) - We envisioned a slow pedal tone blues for Africa's plight and a tribute to Ali Farka Toure's musical spirit which is the basis for all pentatonic music (blues, rock, reggae, etc). Elijah's baritone sax solos nailed it and I had a blast writing and arranging the descending layers of guitar and sax.

Woman Be Free - This usually upbeat song has become a staple of Jae's and my band "Seconds On End". I always wanted to dub it out, and Jae and Jeb just rocked it. Later I brought in friends Katherine and Jane to sing I Threes stylely behind me. Then finally I handed it to Ryan and it turned into just a fun way to end a groovy otherwise instrumental album. There will never be peace anywhere women are disrespected either from outside ro from within. Peace to all.


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